Geekcon Pets Hackathon 2016

On Feb. 19-20, 2016, once again – I was lucky enough to participate in Geekcon Pets Hackathon.

This hackathon did not revolve around prize(s), but rather pure fun experience to try and conceive a product that somehow will help pets and their owners.

The team & The product

We were a team of 5; Liat, Natanel, Elad, Rafi & I.

And the product we decided to work on, was a smart collar that will sound an alarming sound, or the dog’s owner’s voice, whenever the dog gets near “forbidden” areas – a sofa for example. or your slippers.

We decided to call it the NoGo Collar.

Most of us had very little experience with physical products development & Arduino, so in terms of learning new tech – it was a blast!


Tech behind the NoGo Collar

We used Arduino as our main board, on top of it we used NFC shield, an SD card reader, an external scrap speaker and a bunch of Passive tags to trigger the alarm.


And to wrap it all up, we used a 3d printed fancy packing.

We had a lot of fun during this experience, and you can judge it yourself by the pics & the video attached!


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